NH-COLLAGEN : Nano-sized fish collagen peptide

  • Ultrafine particles of 30 to 900 nanometers that can penetrate deeply into the skin even as powder.
  • From the surface of the stratum corneum to the depths, the finer the particles, the deeper they penetrate and spread throughout the skin.
  • It has demonstrated the effect in collagen production promoting test of human fibroblasts.
  • Proven safety with irritation and patch tests.

The decisive difference from other nano-sized collagen

There are several other nano-sized collagens, but they are artificially synthesized or processed, such as by putting fine peptides in nano-sized capsules, and are not natural.
However, our nano-collagen is manufactured in a low temperature / vacuum environment of 5℃ without applying heat or any chemical treatment, so it is a natural collagen with no change in composition.

NH-COLLAGEN-TH : Nano-sized fish collagen(Triple Helix structure)

We have succeeded in nano the "collagen fiber" itself, in which three peptide chains are woven in a spiral shape, instead of the "peptide" in which the collagen fiber is unwound.
"TH" at the end of the product name is an acronym for "Triple Helix".

  • Moisturizing force is higher than the NH-COLLAGEN, also gives a more effective natural stimulus for the skin.

  • All other features are the same as NH-COLLAGEN.



Ready-made products

nanopiti NANO-COLLAGENN-Powder / 1 bottle: 4g

There are cosmetics that are advertised as having a lot of collagen, but in reality, they contain only a few percent or less.
This product is a nano-collagen powder that uses only 100% NH-COLLAGEN.
Only plus to the usual basic skin care, you can give the collagen of many nano-sized hundreds of millions of times greater than the other collagen products on the skin.
Our nano-collagen, but has realized the permeability and the other is not in the excellent absorption rate, because there is no wasteful manufacturing process, is surprisingly low price.
In aesthetic salon and home care, we have received many years high evaluation.

nanopiti NANO-COLLAGENN-Powder