We accept consultations on OEM or ODM using our nano materials.

By using our unique nano material, you can upgrade and differentiate your products.
By enhancing the capabilities of your products, you can increase the credibility of your customers and users and increase the repeat rate of orders.

Product examples that we can plan and propose

Health food

Hard capsules, soft capsules, locks, chewables, powdered products with aluminum pouches, etc.

Health food


Toner, milky lotion, cream, powder, etc.
*We plan high-performance products using various raw materials, not limited to our nano-sized raw materials.
Example: High immediate effect and experience rate - Placenta / Proteoglycan / CoQ10 etc.


We also sell ready-made products wholesale.

For OEM / ODM / wholesale sales, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

TEL:0120-18-8866 AM10:00-PM17:00(Excluding Sat,Sun,Holidays)


Flow of OEM / ODM

Customer cosultation
We ask for consultation of customer's desired product.
Propose estimation of selection of materials, mixture, shape, volume, Commercialization, delivery lot, etc., Proposing estimation is free of charge.
Trial production
Trial production starts with selected product.
(prototype expense will be decided after consulting with client)
Production and Delivery

It is possible to sell our nano-materials as raw materials. Please feel free to contact us.