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Sakamoto Kayoko
Sakamoto Kayoko

Sakamoto Kayoko is representative of Nano Health Beauty Welcome to our website. Everyone holds the desire to be healthy and beautiful. Our philosophy is to contribute our mind to the health and beauty through our nano converted health food. Through my experience from managing beauty salon, I've realized that beauty can't be separated with health and health is also very much involved in eating habit. In modern society it is very difficult to fulfill the perfect eating habit and so people feels the necessity of supplement. There were too many information's and while searching for true supplement, I've discovered nano calcium and its worth. Above all, I was surprised by size of nano particle. especially, I was surprised by the achievement in clinical test for the osteoporosis patients who are having difficulty of increasing bone density level with the medical care but with the nano-calcium bone density level have increased. * Korean National Medical Center*

I've established this company with congenial colleague with the dream of no osteoporosis world with the spread of this nano calcium. By converting food and cosmetic materials into nano increase absorption level and make most of that materials. Nano-collagen reaches from epidermis till dermis to make supple skin.

There will be another creation for diabetes and mulberry leaf has been succeeded of nano conversion. Our hope and mission is to make and spread the product concerning health and beauty with nonmaterial.


Choi Yoon-Soung

Choi Yoon-Soung
Graduated in Busan University majoring in Fiber Engineering and organic synthesis.
Acquired Doctor's degree at Graduate School of Tokyo University for Biochemical Engineering and Life science.
Hokkaido University Graduate School of Polymer-polymer Fellow Special Advisor of Nano Health Beauty Co., Ltd.


Company name
Nano Health Beauty Co., Ltd
Chuo-ku, Osaka Shinsaibashisuji 1-chome No. 4 No. 11 Momotaro building 4F
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October 2007
10 million yen
Representative Director Sakamoto Kayoko
Sale and wholesale of cosmetic, health food
Trading bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd.