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We handle unique nano materials backed by solid evidence of their performance.
Our products are definitely differentiating in the beauty and health industry.


Original technology nanomaterial

We handle high value-added nanomaterials crushed into ultrafine particles of 30 to 900 nanometers with the latest technology international patent dry NANO 3D mill manufacturing method.

With conventional nanotechnology, it was very difficult to create safe and efficient nanomaterials for health and beauty by changing components due to oxidation and heat and chemical treatment.

However, with the "dry type NANO 3D mill manufacturing method", the material can be nano-sized in a vacuum space of 5℃ without adding anything and chemical treatment.

In other words, we were able to create the world's first nano-sized material that does not destroy nutrients or change its composition.

Thanks to this technology, it has become possible to dramatically increase the absorption rate and create products that can make more effective use of the capabilities of the materials.

  • International patented technology! Nano in a vacuum and low temperature.
  • The only technology in the world.
  • No heat treatment and chemical treatment.⇒reassurance and safety.
  • No nutritional destruction or loss.⇒effective and beneficial to the body
  • No synthesis or coating.⇒high purity
  • Dramatically increased absorption rate.

What's Nano

Nano Collagen Powder

Products handled



Product development
We develop high-performance and high-value products by selecting the most suitable raw materials from the useful raw material information we have cultivated so far, centering on our own nano-materials.
We accept wholesale sales of existing products from small lots.
It is possible to sell our nano-materials as raw materials. Please feel free to contact us.
We accept consultations on OEM / ODM products.


Evidences and test data

Our products have evidence and test data, including nano-sized certification.
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